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Lady (Mary)
27 November 2008 @ 08:58 am
I used to celebrate this with my mom and dad, ages ago.  Sometimes it still upsets me when it comes around.

This is one of those times.  Perhaps it has to do with .. a lot of things.

The one person I came to love, loves and is with another.  I had a roommate but he decided to leave for his own reasons.  My parents are dead now, though my mothers death was under suspicious circumstances.

I have my ferret's.  I need to stop feeling so down but fuck, nothing good has happened to me in a long time so that makes it difficult.

Happy Turkey Day to everyone else at least.
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Lady (Mary)
05 November 2008 @ 01:16 am
[ooc:  Since Nero is no longer being played I am going to take a lil liberty and say that he vanished with a note telling her he was going to strike it out on his own.  if anyone has any problems with that lemme know, K?]

My roomie is gone.  Now I am super fucking lonely and out some money.  Well ok it wasn't like he was paying anything, but it was nice to have someone closer to my age to play games with and wrestle around with.  The kid could take some punches and was tough.

Yes, Dante and Vergil...Nero was living with me, but he isn't any longer.  He said he needed to strike out on his own.  So he did.

I need a new roommate.  Someone who can take a hit.

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Lady (Mary)
29 October 2008 @ 10:18 am
No that is not a word and no I do not care.

So I went down to one of the colleges and talked to a lady for a few hours.  I had to authorize her to look up my old High School transcripts.  She even wanted to get information on all the other places I have gone to school, rather thorough here it's interesting.  I am sure she will be shocked to see my GPA from all the many countries I have gone to school in.  Hell I was surprised I could manage that.  I know she had to quickly cover her surprise when she asked if I spoke any other languages and I told her 4 others, and proceeded to show her.

I laugh so hard inside at the people who immediately take me for a braindead bully, and do NOTHING to take away from their misconceptions because what they think does not matter, at all.  

Now I have to wait for the transcripts to come through to her, then she is going to call me and I will be taking a few tests to see where my aptitude lies.  I decided I would go for courses hanging on my test results.

On another note my mood has improved.  Yes I am still slightly bitter about being alone but things like that happen and you deal with it.  I'm too fickle and too much of a bully anyway, plus I enjoy my privacy. 

SO!  Instead of worrying about a companion I got myself several!

Say hello to; Milo, Sugar, Fester and Fluer.

I pick them up tomorrow, had to get the cage and food and everything else after I picked out which ones I wanted.  They have already been checked out and got all their shots too.
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Lady (Mary)
14 October 2008 @ 11:31 am
I am so bored.. with, everything.  Everyone too.  So predictable or utterly unimpressive.  Mediocre.  Blase.

Two nights ago I didn't come home.  I had a one night stand with some random guy at a bar, just to end my dry spell and see if the lack of physical contact affection was what had been bothering me.  It was horrible.  Most of the sex I have had, at my young age, has been alright...nothing to rave about really.  This though, this was yawnable.. laughable even. 

I will be 22 in a few months, maybe I should go to college for...I have no idea.  But I think I need a goal, I have plenty of money put away and im so fucking bored with my life.  Some excitement, a change of pace, a goal..would be good I think.

Nero, you need some goals too, really.  Moping isnt going to help you with anything.

[ooc:  I have been really blah lately too.  Not inspired for anything.  Yuck.  Strikeout viewable only to Nero]

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Lady (Mary)
26 September 2008 @ 10:43 am
I think my sex drive has decided to take over.  I have still been sitting here moping and obviously feeling sorry for myself...  -_-
But it seems like my sex drive has decided to jump on me and latch its greedy hungry little claws into every single area of my body now.  To make up for what I dont know...perhaps to cover up for my lack of any discernible mood.

So...it sucks.  I have raging hormones and the near and probably soon to be insatiable urge fro sex.  But, I am basically alone.  I have no fuck buddies and no boyfriend.  

Oh and im seeing so many people get married or engaged or falling in love.. what in the fuck is that?  Good god it scares the shit out of me to be completely honest.  I am freaked out with the idea of being that much in love with anyone, ever.  To where I always think about them and want to be with them.  Especially with my issues.  Being insanely jealous AND having all the firearms I have (not to mention my skill), is not a good combonation.  Though nothing beats a straight out punch to the face ;Da
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Lady (Mary)
15 September 2008 @ 08:09 pm
I've been in my room a lot for the past few weeks.  I have no idea what is wrong with me.

Though all this time has given me a chance to make several startling personal revelations.  All of which shocked me straight through.

I fake a lot of things.  I am completely and totally miserable, and 100% aimless in my life.  I am nearing 22 years of age and have nothing to show for it.  No one loves me even if I cant say the same...the friends I did have are gone, never forgotten but gone.

I have even lost interest in most of the music I like to listen to.

I feel stagnant but I do not know what to do with myself.  I crave constant excitement and entertainment and yet...I cant stand most people I meet.

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Lady (Mary)
19 August 2008 @ 08:57 am
I got a hefty sum of cash for that job.  It went easier then I thought even though there were a few complications.  Any time you add in normal people it gets complicated.  But I handled it all and now I have several more recommendations to add to my roster.  As long as I am careful I should be able to retire early Heh.

But yeah, I am officially back.  Thanks for not thoroughly trashing the place Nero.

(ooc: strikeout not viewable to Dante or Vergil)
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Lady (Mary)
08 August 2008 @ 07:42 pm
You'll have to take a raincheck there Dante.  I won't be around for you to kick my door down on.  I have a job to do in another country.  May take me a little over a week.  Mmm Italy I can't wait.

Renji:  We still have to do something together.  Only this time when you aren't sick xD

Nero, please for the love of everything do not trash the place.  I am trusting you so much for all this time, do not ruin my faith in you.

(ooc:  Strikeout only viewable to Nero.  I figured I would give Lady something she was doing while I was away.)
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Lady (Mary)
05 August 2008 @ 10:39 am
Seriously.. I'm not.

I finally get settled in this much bigger place, everything where it should be, and I am restless as all hell.  I haven't played with one of my guns in awhile, nor my knives.  I am bored out of my mind and I know how bad that can be.  A bored Lady is a Lady that usually gets herself in some serious trouble. And with Nero here I have to be careful, because for once I wont be the only one in trouble.

I am so very tempted to buy up a bunch of paintballs.  Put them not only in my paintball gun but also in the small saddlebags I have on my bike.  Then ride around town and shoot people with them, my mask in place.  I feel the need to start something, everyone seems so complacent and boring... I refuse to be that way!

((OOC: strikeout not viewable to Dante/Vergil.  Lady is about to cause some serious playful trouble soon, her and boredom are bad things xD))
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Lady (Mary)
18 July 2008 @ 10:35 pm
Oh hell...

A wedding?  I would like to go to it but yeah.. I have no nice clothes and it wasn't like I was invited anyway.

maybe I should stop being so anti-social?
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